Perkus maximus skyrim

Normally it's not viable on Legendary to try to attack enemies head-on (Trolls will probably one-shot you until you have at least 200 Health), but perkus maximus skyrim might be able to still have fun being a warrior if you grab a matching set of armor for the armor rating boost, get a magical armor spell (i.e.

Stoneflesh) and blocking. Have potions/Fast Healing on a hotkey though, because the 3x damage can get out of hand when the opponent can kill you with a finishing move while you still have half your health.

It's also necessary for most fights with mages to either have all the atronachs at your disposal, perkus maximus skyrim any follower. Wards are unfortunately near-worthless on Legendary, because they'll almost always be broken through by any Master-level spell, which all the difficult opponents will of course have.

If you are a mage yourself, consider using Lightning-attacks, to keep the other mages drained of their magicka. For the beginning of the fight, stick to archery and maybe some destruction spells.

You'll perkus maximus skyrim have to change your strategy when they get to around 1/5 health. If you aren't triple-teaming boss mages, they'll likely heal and perkus maximus skyrim time it takes to bring their health down again will be more than enough for them to regenerate magicka.

perkus maximus skyrim

To get around this, you could stun them from long range (a number of shouts can help you get in close) and move in with a melee weapon/shield. Continuously stagger them as they recover, adding a few hits in between each bash.

As a note, the AI prioritizes using Magical Armor spells over healing spells, so the time after the armor wears off may be an ideal time to strike. It will buy you the time of one spellcast before perkus maximus skyrim brings his health back up.

You can also apply poisons before the first hit and even in between each swing if perkus maximus skyrim need the extra damage output. The key is to get them into their downed state, where you can hopefully wail on them until they die.

High-level mages will probably be your toughest opponents.

That strategy works for all enemies, but is definitely most useful against mages. It tries to take advantage of all three of your stats perkus maximus skyrim, health, stamina) to take opponents down. I've played through the game with arguably under-leveled equipment with that strategy. (I never improve weapon/armor quality via Smithing)


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